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Astrological Charting

& Metaphysical Readings

In a metaphysical reading, I will look at your chart and go around the wheel (the 12 places in your chart) to give you insight into what you will be facing, and the best way to handle your transits, especially Saturn Returns and other ones leading you towards more growth as a human being.  I specialize in Saturn Returns and transits that cause a lot of transformation in the person's life and how to proceed from this.

If you choose to have a tarot reading with the astrology charting, this adds to the information that will fill in the blanks for you, where some astrology may not be able to explain as easily; especially past life issues impeding on current life energy.  The choice is yours!  Tarot readings do not include any love relationship readings.  

What are the 12 houses in astrology?

House 1- This represents the Self.  What you look like, how people feel that you are like (which you may, or may not be), your energy that you give off and out in the world.

House 2- This represents our relationship to money and possessions- This can mean our finances, material possessions and what we value.

House 3- This represents communication and transportation.  It can also mean siblings, neighbors, and the community around you.

House 4- This represents the Home life we have and a maternal figure.  It can also represent what makes us feel loved and cared for; along with our cherished pets.

House 5- This represents our creativity, romance, and children.  These are things that make you feel good in life.

House 6-  This represents our health.  It can also symbolize day to day work and routines; like self care.

House 7- This is the Partnership house.  It represents our life or marriage partners. 

House 8-  The House of Sex, Death, and Transformation.  This is our house that deals with transformations and how we handle them.

House 9- The House of Travel, Philosophy, and Higher Education.  This one is pretty self explanatory.

House 10-  The House of your Life Purpose and Career.  Sometimes our life purpose and career are two different things.  

House 11-  This House represents our friendships and groups that we connect with socially; especially humanitarian groups and social issues.

House 12- This is the House of the Unconscious Mind.  It can encompass dreams, the psychic realm, unseen things, the emotions, and secrets that we keep from others.  This can also mean karmic relationships and even enemies that come out of "no where."  They of course were hidden in plain sight. 

These areas are what I mean when I say that I am reading around the wheel and looking at transits that are happening in these 12 houses.  There is not always transits occurring daily in each of these houses, but you can bet a few will be happening and this sets the stage of what you will be working on spiritually; it is where our lessons come from. And each of these are like our finger prints, no one else has the same ones that we do, because we are all unique souls with a special purpose here on Earth.  

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