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1 / Make sure that you are in a calm state of mind before your reading or bodywork session with me.

Calm people are much easier to read and work with in general.  When a client launches into a reading and is yelling and screaming about what has just happened to them, it over saturates your reader or bodyworker with emotional negativity and toxicity. Doing something like that, is overwhelming and disrespectful.  Take a few breaths and center yourself before your session begins and own your "stuff," and then proceed having your session.  Please do not dump heavy emotions onto other people who are not prepared to handle it and who are trying to help you. No one wants to be a trash can for another person's toxic emotions.

2 / Be respectful of your readers/or bodyworker's time.

Many practitioners schedules are full, and they need time between clients to eat, recharge, and prepare for the next person or thing that they have scheduled to do.  Do not try and go longer than your session time; and if you do; certainly ask if it is okay to go over, and then pay for the time that you do.

3 / Pressing and rephrasing questions

Sometimes clients are so eager to get an answer, that they can really press, push, interrogate, and even try to bully the reader or bodyworker into getting their answers.  This is not acceptable behavior.  If the practitioner does not have anymore information for you, do not try to pressure them or rephrase the question in several different ways.  It is rude, antagonistic, and breaks the flow of the session.  It is not okay to interrogate and bully people or to make them feel uncomfortable; especially when they are trying to help you.

The Rules

4 / Readers and Bodyworkers are not psychotherapists

Readers and bodyworkers are not psychotherapists and are not trained to handle mental health issues or diagnose physical  complaints, or legal matters.  Please do not ask questions that are out of our scope of practice and to expect an answer.

5 / Fee Negotiation

Prices are set according to the work type and energy that goes into doing that service or session for the client.  Please do not negotiate the price of your session with your reader or bodyworker.  

6 / After Hour & On Demand Sessions

If someone wants a session outside of my regular hours; which means before my usual workday begins, after my work day ends, or an on demand session (which means the moment you contact me and want your session immediately) a minimum fee of $40 will be added to the  regular session fee that you want for an on demand session up until 7 p.m. On holidays, and after hours from 7:01 p.m. - 7:59 a.m. the fee will be $100.  

Other Stuff

7 / Ask Open Ended Questions

It is not necessary for your reader to know all the details of your life.  Let your reader, read for you.  In fact, for me it's best that I don't know your history with the subject matter.  Ask open ended questions like, "What would be the positive and negative effects of moving to Atlanta, Georgia next fall?"  This will allow a story to develop, instead of wasting time telling all of the details about why you want to move, etc.  If more details are needed from you, you will be asked.  

8 / Birth Information

If you want an astrological interpretation, please provide your month, day, and year of your birth MM/DD/YYYY. 

The place you were born:  EXAMPLE Seattle Washington

And the exact time of your birth:  EXAMPLE 4:33 a.m.

If you want to know information about other people in your interpretation or reading, please get as much of this information as possible about them too.

9 / Stalking and Psychic Voyeurism

Sometimes a client will come to me wanting information about another person.  But the questions that they ask are more centered around stalking and trying to use my abilities as a way of voyeurism.  That is NOT acceptable and I will NOT use my abilities for something as nefarious as that.  This is not ethical and do not ask me to do it!

The Policies

10 / Do you work for free?

I will have to turn that question back to the person asking me that question,  "Do you work for free?"  I am no longer a novice reader.  I have earned my right to receive payment for my services and expect payment like anyone else doing their job.

11/ What are your policies?
12 / Do you do in person readings?

No, but sometimes I do on site sessions; like at metaphysical expos,  book stores, or during special events--these will be posted on my website.  I do not do private parties anymore. 


Bodywork sessions obviously are done in person, and if the client is having a bodywork we can do a in person reading then.   

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