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About me

Hello, my name is Kimberly Logan.  I am a metaphysician and healer. I have done astrological charting in Western Astrology and metaphysical readings  since 1974.  This year marks 50 years I have been reading.  


I began reading professionally in 1992.  It was at that same time that I was introduced to Bach Flower Remedies, and Harmonic Healing using tuning forks; which I learned to use as a healing modality that is very gentle and effective.  I have since learned other modalities and continue along that journey.


I am a Reiki Master and began getting my levels in 1998.  I've worked with two different Reiki Masters and healers to receive my levels during 1998 - 2000.  I am currently a Reiki Master and can teach all of the levels.


I am also a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker in North Carolina (NC #5612) I was licensed in June 2005. I am trained in Shiatsu and have practiced several types of healing and allied modalities in my toolbox. 


Currently, I am working towards getting my Yoga Teacher certification.


I also do Bach Flower consultations for my clients by phone and Zoom; which includes the consultation, remedies, and postage fees to mail them out.


I am an intuitive and empath. I have all six of the clairs which is: clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (feelings a person has), clairgustance (tasting), and clairalience (smells).  During a session I can connect on all of these levels to get information that I need to help my client. 


Consistency and communication is important for a client to achieve the results that they desire.  I will do my part and trust that they will do their part so they can have optimal results in their session and healing process.

Tarot Cards
My Approach

I feel honesty, integrity, along with truthful communication is most important during my sessions.  I like to work with a client that has a goal in mind.  It is not just another reading or healing session for me; it is two people's time and energy facilitating a goal. 

My readings are meant as a growth tool and the subject matter can be very deep.  If you are in denial about a certain subject, or are not open to changing your behavior to have what you want, then I am probably is not the person that you would like to read for you.   If we see something during the reading that the client wants to change; all it takes is a changed thought and a changed behavior to manifest something entirely different.  In other words, if you keep doing what you are doing the same course of action will probably happen; but if you change the course of what you would normally do, something else entirely will probably occur. 

If improvement of your life circumstances IS THE GOAL, and you have a GOAL in mind; I am definitely the person that you will like to work with.

I want to help people but they must be willing and commited to helping themselves. 


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are wanting love life and romance readings, I do not do those types of readings anymore. 

I specialize in helping navigate people wanting to move beyond unhealthy relationships that want to make a new start.