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Pluto in Aquarius: Network & the Self

Staring in the mirror, what do you see? Now is the time to really look at yourself with an honest eye. Maybe you have been rationalizing the things that you have been doing that has made you feel bad about yourself; perhaps because it is (or was) a means to an end to get you where you "wanted" to be. Maybe you feel there is no other way to achieve what you want without "helping" the Universe along. Let's be truthful, sometimes we lose our way when we want what we want; instead of getting what we really need.

Our controlling ways are coming into focus (under a 100x magnifying lens) and to an end; as Pluto gets closer and closer towards zero degrees in Aquarius. We can't bring the negative aspects of Pluto in Capricorn with us. That power hungary, oppressive, and controlling energy cannot go with us into this new world, and new phase of our Being. It's time to put down the baggage so we can cross this threshhold together. Everything is about shared ownership and the group experience now; while still retaining your true identity. How cool is that?

That means, if I am in a room full of kangeroos and I sit down in all my unicorn glory, while shooting rainbow sparkles out of my rear end; someone just pats the empty seat beside of themselves and invites me to sit down.

That superiority complex that some of us need to shed will finally be annihilated for good. Thank goodness! We can lighen up a bit and lose some of the formalities. Sitting there, we may all realize that we have something in common with everyone and now understand that we are all in the same boat rowing together; so maybe we should all start rowing in the same direction, to get us to where we need to go. It doesn't matter if you are wearing a tutu and ballet slippers; because that guy across from you is wearing a viking helmet with horns and yodeling to Metallica, doing his own thing. Nobody cares, just keep on rowing!

Maybe we are realizing we let some "thing," or someone's bad behavior slide, one too many times. "Oh, the inhumanity of it all," we might mumble to ourselves; while being angry at ourselves for tolerating it too long. Don't you bring that to the table with Pluto in Aquarius!

How people have treated us comes to light now; and also our own faux pas as we realize our wrongs towards other humans, animals, and situations too. At the ending of Pluto in Capricorn, we are going to find ourselves mad as hell! "How dare (fill in the blank) treated me like that!" Or, "I'm so ashamed that I did that to them, that was so wrong."

It's no longer acceptable to be in unacceptable situations anymore, or to treat people wrong. You may find yourself understaffed (or no staffed) if you treat your workers like something stinky sticking to the bottom of your shoes. You may realize that you don't want to be friends with certain people anymore; and then there's your own mistreatment of others, or being exploitive in some way that may come to light. You might even realize that going through the motions and looking the other way to keep your job, or a relationship going seems unbearable right now.

Going along with societal rules and certain obligations because it is, or was the "right thing to do;" suddenly seems like utter stupidity and a waste of your time now. You may re-evaluate whether you want to do a lot of things anymore, in fact. A lot of people may start picking up the momentum and jumping out of one ship onto another one, that's called freedom!

That ridiculously complicated and manipulative relationship that you have been in for quite a while; where the other person held all the power and called all the shots might just end up alone! You may not ever look back again. We are realizing how we have let others manipulate, exploit, lie to, and outright control us. This is the turning point in a lot of situations and relationships now.

(Network (1976) "I'm Mad As Hell")

We may respond simutaneously about these things collectively. It reminds me of that old movie Network (1976), where people were shown yelling out of their windows together in a multitude of big cities. You could hear them all saying, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" The people finally understood collectively what they they have been putting up with for so long. Not a lot has changed since 1976 obviously; except maybe the fact there are more people on the planet that are madder than hell now.

The earliest degrees of Pluto in Aquarius will be the most disruptive, that means, when Pluto in Aquarius is 0 to 10 degrees in this sign. People may protest more, we may begin to see the underbelly of technology and the internet even more. Things will seem more chaotic as the veil of concealment is more and more exposed to the light and people's consciousness. But there is always a good side to this too.

Inclusion. Even Rudolph is asked to play in the reindeer games, without Santa having to butt his nose in. Technology. Things you never dreamed of will be rolling out in the next 12 - 31 years. New forms of travel will be invented to transport masses of people safely to their destinations. There may be some early failures as they first are introduced into the populations but those kinks will be resolved quickly by sheer ingenuity.

We will learn how to be our complete and genuine selves without having to give most of it over to the mass group consciousness. I am so looking forward to this. A long time ago, up until just recently; I hid most of my abilities because it scared the bejesus out of a lot of people. Now more people are opening up more to the psychic sciences, I am noticing. So much so, that I am allowing my abilities to be showcased more and more online; without feeling the threat of angry townspeople showing up at my door with torches and throwing rocks at me and threatening to burn my house down. It was a real fear of mine because of the way I was treated by a lot of people in the past. Now, I just have insurance and a cast iron frying pan, stun gun, and a Louisville slugger by my door (lol), so there's that!

Never mess with an old lady Scorpio, who's had enough of other people's crap.

(Network (1976) - Howard Beale's 'Enlightenment')

At the onset of this transformation, many people will think you are crazy as you awaken to this Plutonian energy. The energy alone might be so electric that our bodies will have a hard time adjusting to it. At times it can feel almost unbearable; sort of like you've drank waaaaay too much coffee or are having some energetic discharge. But you will know that you are becoming connected again, where you may have felt shut off from other people and nature itself; especially if the shut down and the pandemic was exceedingly hard on you. Keep pushing through this, because after this--comes freedom and the enlightenment!

I know that you are asking the age old question that all people ask of their psychics and astrologers. I purposely haven't addressed this yet, because it is more fun to wait. I can hear you all saying to me,"When is this going to happen, Kim? I quietly smile and say, Pluto in Aquarius starts for us on January 20th, 2024. This is an electrically charged time, and tailor made for the unusual and eccentric! Everybody gets in.

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